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2018 Course Catalog



DISP 150:  Communications/Dispatch Course, January 2018


There is an understandably great concern for the lack of Dispatcher training resources, and the access to courses that are largely reserved for POST-qualified agencies.  The rapid growth and addition of new and more complex technologies, growing student enrollments, new and more demonstrative social issues and an unrelenting set of expectations from seemingly countless on- and off-campus partners places an enormous demand upon our Communications Operators.


To provide these professional staff members with compulsory techniques and methods that help to prepare them for traditional calls for service including emergency and non-emergency calls; security camera systems; monitoring of intrusion, environmental, emergency and fire/smoke alarms; multiple radio and telephone channels and front-counter services, we offer a 24 hour course that includes employee wellness strategies, ethics, Clery reporting and law classifications, as well as emergency medical dispatch and emergency operations overviews.


DPSU 200:  Dignitary Protection Support Unit Course.  NEW CLASS DATES ANNOUNCED:  August 13-14 OR August 16-17 2018.  Price: $99.00 for the 2-day course


This course is designed to provide an overview of the roles the campus safety agency can provide in support of protection detail agencies during visits by notable figures, celebtrities, elected officials and others.


This 16-hour course offers DPSU team development strategies, contemporary planning and staffing methods, as well as practical exercises that reinforce the best responses to a variety of environments with which the DPSU members will likely contend with.


FTO 250:  Advanced Officer Training/Field Training Officer's Course.  July 10-12, 2018


This 24-hour course supports Advanced Officer training objectives and provides a foundation for the newly-appointed Field Training Officer in any organization by providing strategies to help orient and prepare new campus safety officers for successful employment.  Topics include the role & responsibilities of the FTO; legal considerations and law reviews; weaponless defense and personal safety practical exercises & use of force; and community oriented policing.




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