The Regional Campus Safety Training Center
The Regional Campus Safety Training Center

2020 Course Catalog

LLB 300:  Supervisor's Course.


This 24-hour course supports the newly-appointed public safety supervisor with effective leadership staregies and an emphasis on ethical mentoring.  Participants will explore leadership styles and methods to support the development of direct reports, peers and superiors.  The program will provide participants with techniques to provide leadership through day-to-day activity, performance appraisals and effective use of disciplinary processes.  This course is applicable to lead officers, supervisors and mid-managers.


FTO 250:  Advanced Officer Training/Field Training Officer's Course.


This 24-hour course supports Advanced Officer training objectives and provides a foundation for the newly-appointed Field Training Officer in any organization by providing strategies to help orient and prepare new campus safety officers for successful employment.  Topics include the role & responsibilities of the FTO; legal considerations and law reviews; weaponless defense and personal safety practical exercises & use of force; and community oriented policing.


SC0100 & SC0200:  Accident Investigation & Report Writing Course


This 16-hour course provides basic traffic accident investigation methods, including scene photography and documentation, diagraming/sketch development, crime scene and evidence preservation.  Additional report writing strategies for other reported activity are also presented during the program.


ETHD050: Perishable Skills Update


These 8-hour sessions provide important opportunities for officers working in the field to maintain confidence and proficiency in weaponless defense as well as appropriate levels of necessary force.





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