The Regional Campus Safety Training Center
The Regional Campus Safety Training Center

Dignitary Protection Support Courses

DPSU 200

The Dignitary Protection Support Course offers basic personal protection concepts as well as support role strategies when supporting a VIP visit.  THis training is fully consistent and based upon the concepts used by the United States Secret Service, United States Marshalls, FBI, California Highway Patrol and United States Department of State.


DPSU 210

This course provides a brief review of the course content of DPSU200, and then places participants in a series of personal protection assignments and exercises.  This course offers additional instruction on the development of protection detail plans using the Event Action Plan method and resources.  This is an active course, with a great deal of walking and other light physical activity, including weaponless defense reviews and scenario-based exercises.  PREREQUISITE:  Completion of DPSU200 or other personal protection training is required prior to attending this course.


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