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Relationship Violence

RVP 100

Campus Safety leaders and their colleagues know well that colleges & universities experience a disproportionate frequency of reported sexual assaults.  In addition to the many college-culture elements that can and do become exploited and lead to a higher number of these incidents, it is also much more common that the assailant was someone the reporting party knew before the reported incident occured.


This course offers participants the 14 signs of an aggressor's behavior, and the strategies in which a campus safety auhtority can immediately and effectively respond to reported incidents of Relationship Violence.  During the program, participants will learn the assessment methodologies and techniques to intercede when the following behaviors are demonstrated:


1. Uses charm or charisma to get what he/she wants
2. Moves quickly to become committed and exclusive early on in the relationship
3. Wants everything this instant and doesn’t think about the consequences
4. Makes everything about him/her
5. Feels entitled to criticize others
6. Blames other people for his/her own failures or negative behaviors
7. Holds grudges and brings up past transgressions to gain sympathy or power
8. Has sudden, fast mood swings
9. Appears to have a lack of sympathy for others and/or the ability to see things from anyone else’s point of view
10. Has a low tolerance for frustration and gets annoyed and/or angry easily
11. Acts possessive and/or jealous, demands to know other people’s thoughts and actions
12. Attempts to control all aspects of the lives of people close to him/her
13. Easily addicted to substances (e.g., drinking or smoking), habits or work
14. Has acted in a violent way in the past


Presented by Pamela Lassiter-Cathey and Dr. Wind Goodfriend of the Institute for the Prevention of Relationship Violence, this program brings a greatly-needed focus upon a core concern for campus safety officials, campus administrators and health & counseling professionals.

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