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The Regional Campus Safety Training Center

Report Writing Course

This courdse offers a comprehensive overview of the various types of reporting that may be required as part of the MOU between a private college/university and its local law enforcement agency, as well as various on-campus offices and departments that rely upon a campus public safety department for recorded information of an incident.


Report formats and CAD-supporting report systems will be discussed, and specific techniques to invstigate, interview and effectively record a written report will be explored.  Common report types that are included in the course are:

  • Crime reports, including crimes of property, crimes against a person, drug and technology crimes, and personal threats.
  • Industrial reports such as industrial accidents and proper recording of the conditions and any hazards that were present to properly account for conditions at the time of the accident.
  • Student conduct reports
  • Traffic Accident reports*
  • Special event after action reports

This course also offers policy discussions on the relevance of public records act interests, and what private college public safety agencies should be mindful of while managing their reporting environments.  Basic scene photography and crime scene sketching will also be presented.


*- The Traffic Accident Investigation Course is highly recommended for a more advanced learning experience in this area.



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